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Advantage India
Education has always been a key in the growth and development of Indian society and development. There are many advantages of education and training in India.
With over 300 Universities, 30000 colleges, and innumerable vocational and private institutes spread across all over India, one has variety of option to choose. Right from Engineering to Medicine, Biotechnology, Aviation, Fashion, Information Technology, Law, Arts, Language the options are many. One also has the option of joining the top rated universities and colleges of the world or hugely successful private universities and training institutes.
Education in India can now be compared at par with any part of the world. It is comparable to any International Standards. With state of the art facilities in most institution and knowledgeable pool of trainers, education is a great experience in India.
Quality education and training in India costs only a fraction of what it costs to get the same level of education in other parts of the world. Due to its diversity, low costs of development of curriculum and low infrastructure costs it is possible to impart the international standards of education at a substantially low costs to overseas students. Also the living costs are substantially lower that any comparable cities of the world.
India today is considered a popular tourist and business destinations of the world. It is easily accessible to any overseas students. Well connected with the rest of the world with multiple hubs of entry and exit, various options are available for students to pursue education and training in any city of India.
Student’s travelling to India also gets to experience rich culture and hospitality of India. With a rich history of over 1000 years, and now a modern economy India is a place to be. One can experience the rich history, ancient culture, practices from various parts of India. Once can also experience the emerging modern India which is becoming the one of the important economic hub of the world.
India is the largest democracy in the world and one of most politically stable countries of the world today. This makes students to pursue education for longer periods.
English is the most popular medium of instructions across segments especially in the higher education and technical education. Overseas students don’t find it difficult to adapt to India as English is spoken and understood across India.
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